·        Maintenance & Repair Services

e-LEK Engineering has extensive fixed and mobile workshop facilities to maintain & repair your Cooper Power Systems range of 

o  Auto-Recloser & Sectionalisers (McGraw/Edison/Kyle). Whether you have 6H, VWE, KFE, KFME or Nova reclosers, we have stock spares as to ensure quick turnaround time for your electrical assets. Not only do we repair & service these pieces of primary plant, we also have the capability to repair the electronics associated with them. This may include KFE, FXA, GN3 , F4C, F5 & F6 Controls.

o  Voltage Regulators. This may range from old Simplified VR’s to the latest VR-32 range of Voltage Regulators. Again, we not only repair and maintain the primary plant, we also support the electronics.