Reclosers - Automatic circuit reclosers are recognized by elec

Single-Phase Reclosers - Single-phase reclosers are used to protect single-

Three-Phase Reclosers - There are various types of three-phase reclosers a

Recloser Controls - The intelligence that enables a recloser to sense

Hydraulic Controls - Hydraulic recloser control is used in most single-

Electronic Controls - Kyle electronic recloser controls are used in most

Sectionalizers - The sectionalizer is a self-contained, circuit-ope

Three-Phase Sectionalizers - There are various types of three-phase sectionaliz

Single-Phase Sectionalizers - Single-phase sectionalizers are used to protect si

Voltage Regulators - Leaders in Voltage Regulation When it comes to vo

Designed and Tested for Reliability - Cooper designs provide greater dielectric strength

Our Expertise is Your Gain - Our engineers are trained on both the control an

Power Capacitors - Our Power Capacitor Products plant located in Gree

Pole-mount Capacitors - The lightweight, all-aluminum construction of the