Cooper Power Systems offers the largest, most economical selection for low voltage, distribution, riser pole, intermediate, and station surge arresters for overhead and underground applications in the industry.

The VariSTAR« (gap-less MOV) design is available for overhead distribution system protection in both porcelain or silicone rubber housings. For underground distribution application needs, Cooper Power Systems offers standard gap-less MOV elbow and parking stand arresters.

CPS has a large line of low voltage arresters for a wide range of application needs from transformer secondary to home or business service entrances to inside the home. Other low voltage products protect lighting, motors, irrigation wells, traffic lights, railroad crossing gates, and any other number of low voltage applications.

CPS also offers a full line of Intermediate and Station Class arresters in either silicone rubber or porcelain housings.

Cooper Power Systems proven POSI-BREAK design has expanded from protection of loadbreak separable connector systems to the arrester market. Cooper Power Systems has designed an elbow arrester, the POSI-BREAK elbow arrester, which increases reliability while protecting your operators. POSI-BREAK elbow arresters address the partial vacuum flashover that occurs when an elbow or cap is separated from an energized bushing. Our POSI-BREAK elbow arrester offers improved dielectric strength and minimizes susceptibility to partial vacuum flashovers while increased tolerance to contamination and high altitude increases its reliability.