Leaders in Voltage Regulation
When it comes to voltage regulators, clearly, experience and innovation matter. Cooper Power Systems (Cooper) is uniquely positioned with over 55 years of experience in voltage regulator design, application, training, and customer support. This experience positions us as
 the global leader in voltage regulators and controls, whether this position is measured by market share or innovation.

We are constantly investing in innovation to improve power quality for utility customers, increase power delivery efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the life of the regulator and control. In fact, innovation is what sets us apart from the rest of the marketplace.

Designed and Tested for Reliability
Cooper designs provide greater dielectric strength, short circuit strength, higher efficiency, and longer life.

  • Our regulators have a unique reactor design that consists of a ground isolated core-type reactor, which minimizes the effect of through faults in the regulator, ensuring longer life in severe operating conditions. Our dual-coil reactor design also minimizes voltage drop and no load losses with interlaced windings.
  • We use epoxy-coated paper in all windings, including the reactor. This improves the strength of the coils.  By design, the coil sides are clamped and hot pressed after the coils are wound, which provides high durability and fault current withstand.
  • Our regulators have fully welded external components to eliminate water entrapment that can result in premature corrosion.
  • Our superior functionality is supported by the most complete and fully automated operational and dielectric factory testing in the industry. Our operational testing is conducted at full rated voltage up to 35 kV.
  • We perform one thousand operations on each tap changer prior to shipping in order to minimize start-up failures. 

Our Expertise is Your Gain

  • Our engineers are trained on both the control and the apparatus to ensure the entire system operates properly. In fact, the Voltage Regulator Standards working group has been led and chaired by a CPS employee for 15 years.
  • For over 55 years, Cooper Power Systems Voltage Regulator schools have trained more linemen, technicians, and engineers on the proper installation, operation, and programming of regulators and controls than any in the industry.