Automatic circuit reclosers are recognized by electric utilities throughout the world as an essential device for achieving their prime goal: providing maximum continuity of electric service to their customers simply and economically. Reclosers sense and interrupt fault currents and automatically restore service after momentary outage. The automatic circuit recloser is essentially a self-contained device with the necessary intelligence to sense overcurrents to time and interrupt fault currents, and to re-energize the line by reclosing automatically. If a fault is permanent, the recloser locks open after a preset number of operations (usually three or four), isolating the faulted section from the main part of the system. Major classifying features of automatic circuit reclosers are:

  • Single-phase or Three-phase
  • Interrupters: Oil or Vacuum
  • Control: Hydraulic or Electronic
  • Insulation: Oil, Air, or Epoxy